Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Racing with Wild Eyes 10/12

Warm and sunny with a light breeze made it a perfect day for a sail. Of course, it always seems the lighter the wind, the harder everyone has to work to keep the boat moving. We barely got 6 knots most of the race, but flying the spinnaker we reached 8+ knots through the water.

Sadly, we were called over the starting line (a penalty that generated much discussion post-race) so we had to circle the committee boat and restart. It cost us about 3 minutes, and it turned out to be a critical margin in that by our calculations we finished about 2-1/2 minutes behind Smoke on corrected time.

Former Full Tilt crew J.R. working the bow on Fearless. He just passed the bar exam, congrats!

Pete helms the boat on a reach.

The wind was nearly on the beam the entire race, so we were able to fly our asymmetrical spinnaker both to the "windward" and "leeward" marks!

Wasabi airs out their spinnaker. Look how calm the water is.

Paul trims the spinnaker while Megan and Teri look on.

It was a good day for taking pictures, although I would have definitely lost my new camera if it wasn't for the wrist strap! My sailing gloves didn't allow me to get a good grip on it.