Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Wellness Cup 2009

The Wellness Cup was another fun race this year. The weather was slightly better than last year because the rain stopped right before the start. Even though we wore our foulies for most of the race, it was dry and reasonably warm out there. The breeze averaged around 8-10 most of our race, but got weak and variable right after we finished.

Transporting the boat to Branford the day before, it was much cooler. Joyce warmed up with a swig of Capt. Morgan "Tattoo".

During the pre-start I was able to snap a quick photo of "Sagacious".

Joyce steering with Janel watching.

Joyce did most of the genny trimming, and she did a great job during the variable conditions.

Me, steering and self-portraiting.

Elisabeth, Janel and Joyce enjoying their ride on the starboard rail as we approached the finish.

Post-finish we broke out a bottle of wine and toasted a successful race.

Yes, I toasted as well.

Sunday at the awards ceremony, we got a trophy and a nice bottle of wine.

Final results are posted on The Wellness Cup website.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Havest Moon Race & Raftup

Last Thursday we were race committee for the annual final scheduled weeknight race of the season and raftup party.

Joyce working the prep flag for the start. Derek flew the class flag, and Janel worked the horn. I timed the start and barked orders.

We sent the roughly 20 boats in a single start to NEWNS, with the wind coming from the north.

Janel, Derek and Joyce enjoy the after sunset glow as the racers finish.

This is what I look like after doing a shot of last year's victory rum from The Wellness Cup. We finished the bottle that night, so we'll just have to win another this Saturday.

Celeste & John aboard Witchcraft with Gary from Shameles. It was a small raftup this year; I guess we didn't get the word out. But we really enjoyed Celeste's awesome blue drinks!

Derek helmed the boat all the way in after dark. It was a great way to end the Thursday race series, and we have the Wellness Cup scheduled for Oct. 3rd.

Dawn at Charles Island

We anchored overnight at Charles Island last week, and I woke up early enough to catch this phenomenal sunrise photo.