Friday, July 08, 2005

Joyce's Birthday Cruise

Our annual cruise to escape Joyce's birthday was this weekend. We took a couple days off following the 4th of July, so we had five days to enjoy the fine weather.

The batteries on my digital camera died halfway through the trip, so I only have pics from the first couple of days and the last day when I bought new ones.

Besides "Spirit" with Jim and Doreen, we also spent the weekend in Port Jeff with "Exit Strategy" owned by Tom and Doris, "Witchcraft" with John and Celeste, and "Sea Hound" with the Kivell family.

Mike, Brita, Sammy and Joyce in the background enjoy a sunny afternoon at the beach.

Joyce and Napper frolic in the harbor waters.

Bob walks in the surf on the Sound side of PJ.

Sam spells a Capital "L" for "LOO-HOO-HOO-SSER"; we played dominos about fifty times over the weekend. Whoever prevailed won the right to taunt the loser mercilessly.

Napper is stunned when he hears Joyce's age on her birthday; he muttered "Do you know how old you are in dog years?" under his breath.

Bob relaxes while the autopilot steers us on a beam reach to Horthport Harbor.

Joyce picks up a mooring at Northport.

Joyce enjoys a pint of lobster bisque we picked up at a seafood take-out in town. Yummy!

Here Joyce demonstrates the proper technique for relaxing cruising. The Eatons Neck Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse is in the background.

Back at Port Jeff, we pass the channel bouy just outside the breakwater.

The last day as we head home we see a harbor patrol boat screaming up the channel, with the Port Jeff ferry steaming through the fog in the background. Not much sun that day but it was still a good day to be on the water.


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