Thursday, July 28, 2005

Another night's attempt at racing with "Wild Eyes"

Sailing with Pete and Teri on "Wild Eyes" yesterday, we were hoping to squeeze in a race before a major squall line swept through the Sound as a cold front finally was supposed to break the incredible heat and humidity we've been suffering for the last few days.

It was brutal hot. The sweat index topped 100. OK, there's no such thing as a sweat index, but if there was, it was over 100 yesterday. The wind piped up to 18 knots as we motored out, but the skies were still relatively clear.

Then it started creeping in. Here Teri is watching the last bit of sunshine before it got "interesting".

When the skipper and crew starts putting on the life vests, I get worried.

Somehow I think that this picture doesn't capture the feeling of concern I was experiencing as the storm marched in; maybe I shouldn't look like I'm having so much fun.

When the wind hit 28 knots and thunder was booming, we decided to call it a night and run for cover. Meanwhile, the starting line buoy was last seen sailing towards the Azores.

And we made it back to the dock just as the sky opened up and poured while lightening was crackling around.

The good news was that the storms blew through within the hour, and the temps dropped a good 20 degrees overnight. Just for that, it was worth it!


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