Friday, July 15, 2005

"WAH Part Deux"

Tonight was the 2nd of three "Woman at the Helm" races. Joyce took the helm in light conditions; she totally forgot that today was the race, so she didn't get nervous until I reminded her of it an hour beforehand. Then she thanked me for ruining her day. Bwa-ha-ha!

Above, Joyce takes us on the first windward leg while Chad gets ready to tack. We got stuffed at the start, so it took a couple of tacks to find clear air and get the boat moving.

We're currently in last place, while "Straight Up" approaches the first mark and "Defiant" rounds it.

We approach "Paikea" just before overtaking her. Teri finally got annoyed at my awful directions and took over tactics at that point. Hey, I'm only one guy; I can't possibly overrule two headstrong women and expect to get off the boat alive! She did a superb job calling tactics and winds. You'll hear no more "3-2-1 Tack!" from me, Teri.

These guys must have been expecting a gale; something like 15 people were on board for the race. Looks like they had a fun time. "Hey, let's see them life jackets!"

Running toward the finish we kept ahead of these last three boats.

And there's the horn! I just had to take a picture of that sunset.

Post-finish, a very happy Joyce commands the crew to fetch her a wine cooler PRONTO! And it better be ICE COLD!!!

The girls excitedly discuss the race in frequencies too high for normal human hearing.

"Hey, don't look at me, I'm just rail-meat."

Ridiculously unofficial results show us in fifth place; not bad considering we were last to round the first mark. Also, the calibre of competition is getting more intense; out of the eight boats entered, our J/30 was rated the slowest in PHRF.

Good job Joycie!


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