Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Crewing with "Wild Eyes"

We're getting into the dog days of summer...heat, humidity, and light winds. Tonight's race reflected all that.

Tonight I sailed on Teri (left) and Pete's (right) Quest 33 "Wild Eyes", at the Branford Yacht Club's regular Wednesday Night Race.

This is just after the start. We had good position at the committee boat; about five boats were over the line early, and there was even a minor collision between two of them. We held position, powered up just before the line, and got to windward of most of the fleet. Good job Pete!

Despite the light winds we made good time against most of the fleet. I would have snapped more pictures, but Teri screamed at me for not taking my position on the rail fast enough. I'm glad she didn't have a gun handy. I don't believe she would have killed me; she'd probably just have shot me in the foot or something. To teach me a lesson.

The spinnaker leg was HOT. Not FAST hot, but HOT hot. Fucking HOT. Like, volcano hot. Heatstroke hot. Hot. It sucked.

Did I mention it was hot?

Paul trims the spinnaker as we approach the leeward mark. We had a bit of a problem getting the bastard up, but we doused it like pros! I was in the sewer for that maneuver.

Lori enjoys the close reach towards the finish. This might be the first picture I've ever taken of her where she didn't make a goofy face. I feel so...special.

We cross the line effortlessly as "Wild Eyes" cruises into a dying breeze. If this race lasted another half hour, we might have lost the wind altogether. Good race, guys!


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