Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday Nite Race: July 21st

Tonight was a lot like last night, except there was EVEN LESS wind! Sheesh, what's a guy gotta do to get some decent WIND around here? Ah, well, least we got a good sunset out of it.

Here we are on the first leg. The course was NDNS. There was a little breeze at the start, and we made the first mark in pretty good shape.

"Schock Therapy" and "Defiant" tangle at the windward mark. We closed in and got under them right after rounding.

The long leg to the bell bouy was brutal. We made decent time, but the tide set against us, and pushed us west towards Charles Island.

The short first leg caused some interesting traffic patterns. And the wind was starting to fade. "Schock Therapy" ghosted by us near the island. We lost all the air and we nearly hit them while drifting. It wouldn't really have been a hit, just a tiny little bump. Not even a "bump". A "bmp". Maybe even a "bp". So we cranked up James Brown on the CD player and popped open some brewskis. Because, you know, beer makes drifting more fun.

"Straight Up" got swept south of the island and they went aground hard right after they started their engine. We were about 100 yards away when it happened, and we all heard the thud as they went from 4 knots to a dead stop in no time at all. It was really scary.

Here's the skipper after he decided to call it a night. When the wind died completely about 100 yards from the bell bouy, we started drifting west with the tide over the shallows south of the island. We started the motor and struck the sails.

Post-race-quitting, Tim serves up slices of luke-warm pizza goodness.

Lori partakes.

Chad partakes.

Joyce yells at me, "Where's MY slice?"


Who doesn't love sunset photos?

This Saturday we're RC for the start of the Port Jeff Race & Rendevous. I know I spelled "rendevous" wrong, but really, who gives a crap?


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