Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday Nite Race: July 28th (Grand Prix!) v.2.01

What a difference a day makes! Tonight we had light winds and cooler temps, with an awesome sunset to boot! It was a spinnaker night, so we shook out our chute for a couple turns around the Charles Island bell buoy and the start line in the Gulf.

Here's Teri with Tim.

OK, let me tell you something about Teri. She gets very focused when racing. Which is a good thing; she's competitive and can concentrate in a way that I envy (I'm "Mister A.D.D."). Unless you happen to be the target she focuses upon. Like when you're the helmsman. Then it can be FUN. Certainly not annoying in any way; no sir-ee Bob! Not at all even the tiniest bit, jokingly annoying. I'd be crazy to even consider that for a second. Nope, her being annoying is probably the FURTHEST thing from my short-attention-span-ridden mind. If there's ONE thing I always say about Teri, it's that she's NEVER the LEAST bit annoying. To say otherwise would be silly, gosh darnit!

While sailing to the windward mark, she tends to advise you by whispering things like "you're pinching" while you helm the boat. Except, because of your self-absorbtion and complete daftness, you can't hear her properly, and you think she said "you're bitching".

Then you start worrying about everything you've said in the last ten minutes. Thoughts like, "Was I bitching?" "I didn't think I was a being a jerk when I asked for sail trim" and such go through your mind. Suddenly you're not really thinking about how you're helming the boat, because you get preoccupied with why you're a bitch.

Of course, at that exact moment, you hear another helpful whisper you again mis-interpret as you being a "bitch"!

Yes, it's a bit distracting. Not only am I a "bitch" apparently, but the boat is sailing like shit, too! Maybe if I wasn't PINCHING so much, we'd do better and maybe...h-e-e-e-y-y-y-y, wait a minute!

Yeah, I eventually figured it out. I'm known to be a bit slow on the uptake occasionly...just ask Joyce if you doubt me.

Upon futher reflection, I realize that Teri is awesome and I'm a dummy. (I don't expect that anyone would put up any kind of persuasive argument to dispute this fact).

Yup, we got to shake out the bastard TWICE tonight! Fun...and great work by our crew; especially Pete's work on the bow. Nice job during those gybes! Joyce repacked it perfectly also.

Trimming the spinnaker was fun tonight; especially in the light conditions. Tim also worked the chute.

Pete and Lori help prevent the main from gybing while we're near the wind line.

Joyce helms while I handle the spinnaker; Teri handles the main sheet and then reminds me that I'm pinching. I still think she tells me I'm bitching. (Dammit!)

Joyce helmed us expertly on the downwind legs. You did a great job, honey! Post-finish, Joyce enjoys a beverage while Lori and Tim bask in the waning summer light. Note that Lori and Joyce are wearing their "Full Tilt" crew shirts. Don't worry Tim, you'll be getting one soon!

Fun race tonight, and a great job by the crew! Thanks guys! (yeah, and you too, Teri; you know how I love to kid...then again, maybe not!)

Hey, you'll hear no more bitching on my part!


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